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Changes to 2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines: What Agents Need to Know

CMS published their 2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines a couple weeks back.  The document is 124 pages long, so there’s a lot to digest and not 100% of the material is totally relevant to agents, so I like to talk about what’s DIFFERENT from one year to the last and focus on what’s most important…

4 Aug 17
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CMS Releases 2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines (MMG)

After a longer wait than normal, CMS finally released the 2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines late last week. Carriers must adhere to these guidelines when developing marketing materials for consumers. The marketing efforts of contracted agents must also fall in compliance with these rules. When we’ve had a chance to review the 2018 guidelines, we’ll…

25 Jul 17
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UnitedHealth Group and AARP Extend Partnership

UnitedHealth Group and AARP have agreed to extend their partnership from 2020 to 2025. Under the deal, AARP allows UnitedHealthcare to use the organization’s brand on its Medicare plans. The contract includes the option to further the relationship until 2030 if it continues to be mutually beneficial. The two companies teamed up in 1997…

20 Jul 17
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PinnacleHealth Buys 4 Central Pennsylvania Hospitals

Harrisburg-based PinnacleHealth System completed its purchase of four mid-state hospitals over the weekend. The non-profit acquired Lancaster Regional Medical Center and Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center in Lancaster County, Memorial Hospital in York County, and Carlisle Regional Medical Center in Cumberland County. The sale expands the system’s presence beyond its three current hospitals in…

3 Jul 17
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Comparing Health Care Bills

How does the health bill being debated in the Senate compare to the one that narrowly passed the House last month? How do they compare to the Affordable Care Act’s rules currently in place? Here’s a breakdown of how these bills handle the main tenets of health care reform. Medicaid Expansion The Senate bill…

23 Jun 17
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2017 Cigna Medicare Advantage Acquisitions Possible

It’s only been one month since its $54 billion deal officially ended with Anthem, but Cigna is already on the lookout for new potential business partners. It’s possible we could see Cigna Medicare Advantage acquisitions in 2017. Cigna Chief Executive Officer David Cordani stated the company has $7 billion to $14 billion it could use…

CMS Lifts Sanctions on Cigna MAPD

Cigna, whose Medicare Advantage business has been under sanctions for 18 months, is once again free to enroll customers in MA plans beginning July 1, according to a filing from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services lifted a suspension placed in January 2016 after “widespread and systemic” failures…

16 Jun 17
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Health Insurance Exchange Enrollment Trends

CMS recently released two reports that shed some light on health insurance exchange enrollment trends and why shoppers leave exchange plans. 2017 Effectuated Enrollment Report Findings To get a precise count of enrollees, it’s more accurate to look at the number of people who have paid their premiums than it is to look at the number of…

15 Jun 17
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