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eHealth Medicare Membership Grows 42% Year over Year

eHealth’s stock is poised to rise this morning as the company reported strong earnings last night. On the conference call, they shared that their strategy of investing heavily in Medicare, while managing Individual and Family plans for profitability is working quite well. Their overall Medicare membership jumped 42% from 155,000 to over 220,000, a gain of 75,000 members in 12 months. Additionally, they highlighted a desire to expand their marketing of Medicare Supplement business to complement their focus on Medicare Advantage. Even though the quarterly profit vastly exceeded Wall Street expectations (almost 2.5 times expectations), the company did not raise guidance as they wanted to maintain flexibility in even higher levels of spending on their Medicare business in the later half of 2016.

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  • Seven Burke

    my goodness I hate ehealth – just amazing how many people *think ehealth is some kind of magical 3rd world non-profit solution to health insurance woes when in fact it is nothing but an insurance agency that picks and chooses which plans to offer and get paid street or higher than street level commissions.

    ehealth is public enemy #1 of insurance brokers nationwide

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