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CMS Proposed Rulemaking would Impact Agent’s MA and PDP Commissions in 2015

Edit 1/10/14:  I added my notes on the proposed rulemaking here.

I still need to take some time to review, but here is the latest rulemaking from CMS, which includes proposals to change the way agents are compensated for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans.  The document was posted on Monday, January 6th and I believe will become a part of the Federal Register this Friday.

This 678-page document covers quite a bit of material, however, my first order of business is to review the parts affecting agent compensation.  The executive summary is found on page 28 and there is more detailed buried further in the document (around page 70, I believe).

I will post again once I have a chance to digest this.  NAHU is aware and reviewing these proposals as well and I’m going to provide feedback to them as well.

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