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Cigna Completes Purchase of HealthSpring

Here is the story from the Baltimore Sun.  This transaction closed yesterday.  The acquisition of HealthSpring is a major step in building Cigna’s presence in the Medicare Advantage and Part D market.  Prior to adding HealthSpring, Cigna’s business in Medicare Advantage was limited to an HMO plan in the Phoenix market.

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  • Looks as if Cigna has confirmed their commitment to Medicare market with their newCigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance product.

  • Dave G.

    I just hope Cigna stays committed to the Medicare market. They have a history of acquiring companies to enter markets, then dumping them if they fail to meet profit expectations quickly. I know….I used to work for a Cigna company. They are so huge the left hand doesn’t often know what the right hand is doing. The company newsletter would tout some great marketing initiative in say, Singapore, yet we had no idea who the Cigna people were across the hall or what they did! Pay close attention to upcoming Supreme Court ruling on health care reform; if Cigna thinks it detrimental to any of their business models, they won’t hesitate to give it the axe.

    • I can add that the underwriting, servicing, and Broker support on their Medicare supplement is one of the worst that I have ever witnessed. If your an agent and you want to have you policies issued or a customer and want good support and service buy a policy from someone else.

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