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ProtectMedigap.org Launched

AHIP (insurance company trade association) launched www.protectmedigap.org recently.  This probably relates to some of the recent news I’ve been blogging about with regard to proposals to make it less attractive for Medicare beneficiaries to own a Medigap plan (especially Plan F).

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Here is the press release.

Seems like an interesting concept.  I bopped around at Humanaville for a few minutes and answered a couple trivia questions before leaving.  Not much you can do without logging in as a member.  I’ll be curious to see how this website develops over the months leading up to AEP.

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Ritter Insurance Marketing is committed to providing our agents with information about the insurance industry. Below are links to the lasted news in your state. (Must be logged into ritterim.zendesk.com/ to view forums)

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The story is from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  Highmark is looking for injunctive relief to block University of Pittsburgh Medical Centers (UPMC) from airing ads which talk about the termination of portions of their contract with Highmark in June of 2012.

UPMC is considered a very important medical provider in the Pittsburgh market.

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One of the centerpieces for Medicare savings in the Health Care Reform bill was the introduction of an Independent Payment Advisory Board.  This 15-member board would have pretty broad power to set payment rates for providers.  In order for Congress to block cuts proposed by IPAB, they would have to not only have to vote to block the change BUT ALSO would need to find equivalent savings elsewhere.

The story is covered in thehill.com.

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