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Important Survey for Medicare Agents!

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  • E applications are the way to go!

  • Iagree with Toni; the first seems great, but depending so much on electronic submission and gathering data is also subject and vulnerable to electronic breakdown. Also, its best to have those good old paper apps, as your computer may be having a day of “slow down, I’ve had enough” or
    ” I just won’t work at all! In addition to this, the time you take to set up the computer, and (anxiously wait for it to work) during its warm up time could be the time you need to create a relationship with your client; instead, you’re taking out the computer getting right down to business with questions. This may be a pro or con based on your experience or perspective.

  • Toni King

    That’s a tough question. There are pros and cons to both.
    After considering both Ben Franklin style, I made my choice.

    Electronic would be ideal
    1. In office – super!!
    2. No paper/ink waste if prospect chooses to go elsewhere.
    3. Quicker enroll vs. paper app
    4. Whole lot less to carry
    5. Less faxing and mailing – time and/or $$
    6. No paper app to lose

    but, Cons
    1. In home – not so super. Sooo much more liability.
    2. Often internet signal may not be available. I use an air card, but at times especially here in WV, signal is limited. . . . unless we were able to download to offline, and upload at end of day for submission, but that’s way too involved.
    3. Agents more tempted to commit forgery with electronic sigs, in cases where company not support tele enrollments. I’ve seen it too many times.
    4. Many older seniors are intimidated by computers
    5. Would have to be thoroughly explained to prospect that the click of the mouse IS their signature.
    6. Agents making home visits need to be alerted to urgency of keeping computer locked and in their possession at all times – HIPAA
    7. Some forms will still need to be signed and left w/prospect?? i.e. replacement, MIB, waivers, HIPAA

    Populated Paper Apps would be the bomb
    1. More time dedicated to presentation/explanation – Less time in home

    but, Cons
    1. Given the information the prospect submits is correct/accurate – more corrections for prospect to initial.
    2. Waste of paper and ink should prospect choose to go elsewhere.

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