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Aetna Medicare Supplement Increases Effective 1/1/2010 for the States of Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Maryland (MD), Ohio (OH), South Carolina (SC) and Texas (TX)

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These rate actions will impact NEW BUSINESS with effective dates of 1/1/2010 or later. To access details on the rate actions, please visit our Resources Page and select the following:

  • Company = Aetna
  • Product = Medicare Supplement
  • State = (Choose your state)

Janet Trautwein, CEO of NAHU Editorializes in the Wall Street Journal on the Individual Mandate and Health Care Reform

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Here is a link to Janet’s editorial in WSJ.com.  I’ve talked about the affects of combining a weak mandate with no underwriting requirements and no pre-existing conditions.  Janet likens this to setting the cost of a Parking Ticket at $0.25.  Why would anyone pay to park if the Parking ticket costs less?  Similar situation…

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Medigap Rate Increase Faces Roadblock from Administrative Law Judge

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Here is the story from the Detroit News.  BCBS of Michigan was looking for a 31% increase ($33/month).  The administrative law judge ruled for a 3.8% increase ($4/month).  BCBS of Michigan has 210,000 Medigap members on this plan.  The difference $29/month times 12 months times 210,000 policyholders means an annual difference of $73 million. BCBS…

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