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The Senate needed all 58 Democrats and 2 Independents to pass Cloture and get the Health Care Bill to the floor of the Senate.  A couple of days ago, there were two Democratic Senators who hadn’t made up their minds.  Senator Landrieu of Louisana was brought on board with a $100 million gift to her home state.  ABC’s blog reports on the “$100 Million Vote” from Senator Landrieu!  Now that I consider it, $100 million is small potatoes when you’re looking at a $1 Trillion Bill (that’s only 0.01% or one ten-thousandth of the total spend!)  She probably could have gotten more in my mind!?!

Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas was also waivering until the last minute.  She eventually voted “Yea”, but indicated that she would not vote for Cloture the next time around if there is a Public Option in the Bill.  Independent Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut has said the same thing.

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KSKJ will be increasing their Medicare Supplement rates in the state of Pennsylvania effective 12/1/2009.  To access important information on the rate increase and the new rate sheet, please visit our Resource Center and enter the following:

  • Company = KSKJ Medicare
  • Product = Medicare Supplement
  • State = PA

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Genworth is taking an increase on it’s Minnesota Medicare Supplement product for all new business after 12/1/2009 with an effective date of 1/1/2010 or later.  To access details on the rate action and the new rate sheets, visit our Resource Center and enter the following:

  • Company = Continental Life
  • Product = Medicare Supplement
  • State = MN


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These rate actions will impact NEW BUSINESS with effective dates of 1/1/2010 or later.

To access details on the rate actions, please visit our Resources Page and select the following:

  • Company = Aetna
  • Product = Medicare Supplement
  • State = (Choose your state)

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Here is a pretty good analysis from Bob Laszewski.  When you look at the cost over 10 years, if you only pay for benefits for 6 years (expense) and begin raising taxes and cutting Medicare immediately (income and/or expense reductions), you can claim this won’t add to the deficit.  Again, this doesn’t contemplate fixing the Physician’s Fee Schedule in Medicare which would cost $250 Billion to do.   The Physician’s fix is the #1 priority of the AMA.  Also, you are assuming you can cut the real growth rate (growth less inflation) of healthcare spending by 50% over the next 10 years versus the last 10 years (from 4% down to 2%).  That’s probably easier said than done considering the goal is to expand access to healthcare for people who can’t afford or can’t qualify for health insurance.

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Aetna to Cut 3.5% of its Workforce

Aetna will be eliminating about 1,200 jobs by early 2010.  Aetna is not planning to exit any of its existing markets.  Here is the full story for National Underwriter.

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Here is an article from the National Underwriter on the Senate Bill!

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