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A Note from Janet Trautwein, NAHU Executive Vice President and CEO

Recent events reported in Washington Update, that there is a flurry of activity surrounding health care reform, with a strong emphasis on health insurance reform.  I want to assure you again that we are at the table and a part of the important discussions going on.  We are committed to finding a solution that will include things that will really help you and your clients.  We are determined to be sure that private health insurance coverage will not only continue to be the primary means of coverage for health care, but also be improved upon and available to more people.  We are determined to be absolutely certain that you will be able to continue to provide your clients with the outstanding service they receive now in obtaining and maintaining their health plans.

We’re going to need your help with that.  Although we have a great deal of support from both sides of the aisle, it would help to have some more solid evidence that agents and brokers do more than just help with the initial sale.  Here in Washington, DC, legislators want proof that what they’re doing is right.  We will need some real stories, and we need them now.  If you can tell your own story, that’s great.  If your client can tell it, that’s even better.  Either way, please tell us how you serve your clients.  Email your stories to brokersmakingadifference@nahu.org.

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  • http://www.mitchell-insurance.net Kathy

    Here is an email I received on this very subject, where we can all take action. All you have to do is send the pre-composed email with your information to Your U.S. Senators & Your U.S. House Representative.

    Code Blue: Reach Out to your Representatives Today about Exchanges Code Blue: Reach out to your Representatives Today about Exchanges

    Take Action!

    Dear NAHU Members,

    The concept of a national connector or exchange in comprehensive health reform legislation has a great deal of support from Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. While NAHU is not convinced that there is a need for any type of connector, most proposals seem to include some version of one. If Congress does decide to create a national connector or exchange, or create national rules for state-based exchanges, it is critical that such an entity be structured in such a way that it does not damage or eliminate the traditional private insurance marketplace. If an exchange totally replaces other private market options, or does not compete on a level playing field, then there may be no other vehicle for coverage if the pool is unsuccessful.

    It’s critically important that we educate our lawmakers about the details of how the rules for a national exchange should be structured to preserve the private market. If it’s determined that one or more exchanges will be created, states need to be allowed flexibility to do what is appropriate for their specific needs, rather than having just one big national exchange. So please go to the following link to send a message to all of your Congressional representatives, and once you are finished, please direct your clients and any other concerned Americans you may know to the link.

    Thank you!


  • Ray Kurtz


    I too am consumed with the medical topic of who is going to pay. I do not see a solution.

    What motivated me is reading a short news item by Janet Trautwein. I decided to contact her. But when I searched, I saw she is too important for me to contact!!!! But there was KEN!

    If you think medicine is fowled up with who is paying, just have a parent in long term care. One who is deemed able to pay the full amount.

    Anyway, my question is where can I read about your solutions? I need solutions.

    I of course am on medicare. I see my friends taking enormous advantage of it. The situation I see the most frequently is the use of dermatologists. It is ridiculous. And the medicare patients pay nothing.

    The only solution must have some user ownership or be invested as the way it is now the user thinks this costs no one anything.

    But what about the person who is on Medicaid? How can the program be framed to make them feel invested? Now, be realistic, Ken. You know this is going to remain free to this group.

    As Janet said, currently Medicare and Medicaid rely on the private consumers to pay, “to the tune of $1,5000 in additional premiums for the average family of four.”

    It was her use of that statistic which got my attention. This is why she is so important. She knows what needs to be said in an announcement that will get the attention of some people.

    I need more statistics and information like quoted above.

    Is there really a Ken out there?

    Best wishes

  • http://kdr55.spaces.live.com Medicare Man

    Universal Health Care won’t happen until Medicare goes bust!

    Universal Health Care can never happen until Medicare and Medicaid collapse. Whether you like it or not it will be an eventuality once these government programs expire.

    It’s already happening with the advent of the new Medicare Advantage plans. This is a clear sign from the Bush administration that they have begun the process of privatizing Medicare.

    Once more than 60 % of the Medicare beneficiaries have been converted to private insurance it will be impossible to regulate Medicare as the private sector will have taken over this once entitlement.

    As a nation we do not believe we have to be our brother’s keeper of health care , but this attitude will become our problem eventuality.

    Our nation is roughly divided on this issue of universal healthcare. Most of us working have health insurance and already pay for it. We don’t think we need to pay for it for all Americans especially when we cannot contain our borders. Do you know that one fifth of the calls I get for Medicare Insurance are from nonresident citizens who were misinformed that we give our free health insurance once they get here.

    With 65% of the nations residents s already having medical insurance, it’s hard to get the minority to lobby for universal coverage. Ever if Obama tries to force us all to pay for those who don’t have it we will most likely not oppose socialized medicine as a nation. This is why Medicare was put in place to begin with to protect those who went without coverage.

    Yet more and more Americans are going without.
    The only way universal coverage will work is if we all agree to pay for it though a tax increase of approximately 15% – 24% more than we pay now.

    Who is going to vote for that? That’s right! Just the poor and uninsured which is presently less than about 42% of all Americans.

    The only way I see out of this problem is to help fund Medicare with Employer /Employee Mini Med Plans to help fund the old Medicare.

    If Americans had to choose between a Federal limited defined early Medicare Plan to the type of coverage they have now, then as brokers we can explain the reason why you need better insurance.

    Until then we can’t fund universal coverage without raising taxes , but without raising tax’s significantly universal coverage will not happen with our present system.

    Ken Richter

    Senior Solutions Advisor

    MD DC VA

    Get involved ! Don’t leave your fate to special interest groups.
    Share your solutions with those who you pay to represent you.

    Speak up now before it’s too late.

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