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United Heatlhcare put out a great resource on “Election Periods Available to Medicare Beneficiaries”, that would be good for any agent who sells Medicare Advantage with any company.  Includes detailed information about the “like to like” plan changes during OEP (1/1/09-3/31/09) as well as over 30 Special Election Periods with pretty full descriptions.

You can find this in our Resource Center.  Search “company = United Healthcare and resource = Agent Guide” and it will pull up.

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You will find the fax form in our “Resource Center“.  Company = United Healthcare; Resource = Application; Product = Medicare Advantage

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No, they are not approved by CMS, but we do have one piece of good news and one piece of not so good news.

See our Coventry Commissions Page for more details!

  • There will be an increase on PFFS renewals for business sold in 07 and 08 and renewing in 09.
  • Coventry will be discontinuing commissions on future business for the Coventry Freedom 1 series (1 and 1B).  This will not affect any business already sold and this will not affect any other products.  (see page for details on dates, etc.)

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This increase is posted at our Resource Center.  Company = Humana; Product = Medicare Supplement; State = NH

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The new 5 year and 6 year rates are still competitive (over 5%) with a 5 and 6 year surrender charge (no gimmicks).

To see the new rate sheet, log into agent gateway, click on resources and select Royal Neighbors/Rates/Fixed Annuities.

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Details on the % increases for these plans are available to insurance agents registered with our website by logging into Agent Gateway, selecting Humana as company and “Rates” as the Resource Type along with the applicable state.

To be clear, this applies to the MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT product, NOT Medicare Advantage or Part D.

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In an effort to simply their Medicare Supplement offerings, Great American is reducing the number of broker sold Medicare Supplement products available where they have multiple products available in one state.  The Great American companies include:  Central Reserve Life (CRL), Continental General, Provident American, Loyal American, Great American and United Teacher Associates (UTA).

To access the most current product availablity (including discontinuation dates), please log into agent gateway, go to Resources and select any of the Great American Companies with the Resource type, “Product Availability”.  Most dates for discontinuation are late December through January, though some are a bit later (these are listed on page 3).

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