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One Inspirational Story

Quick story about an agent who works with Ritter who was in a car accident this past Thursday.  He was treated at a hospital for his injuries.  April, from our office, got a call from his manager about another matter and asked how Jim was doing before they hung up. 

Well, turns out that Jim ASKED to be released from the hospital Friday night.  Why?  Because he had 5 appointments scheduled on Saturday and he didn’t want to break his appointments.  He had to help his clients.  Jim’s wife drove him to his appointments on Saturday because he couldn’t drive with broken ribs.

I’m sure he’d be embarrassed about me telling his story, but that’s just one of many, many across the country about an agent who’s totally dedicated to serving his clients.

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  • anonymous

    We all work for God and if you trust him He will take care of you no matter what!

  • Chad Hamilton

    You know Andy you are right about one thing agents are a lot like social workers and Brenda Jo hit it square on the head when she said- When you put clients first the money will come.

    It seems to me agents whom put commission first and clients second is exactly why we are in this mess. I would like nothing more than to do my agent/social worker job and get paid a fair income. I continue to put up the good fight by blasting my congressmen, senators, CMS, and everyone else I feel will listen and voice my disgust for the socailist, democrat mentality that has taken away my commissions and threatens my agencies and agents futures.
    BUT- the minute we take our eyes off servicing our clients and not putting them first NO MATTER WHAT THE COMP. We will lose this fight.

  • I think that all professional agents put the client first and they know that if they do a good job the money and the referrals will come. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to make our voices heard when our industry is chastized like this. One of our agents called Medicare today and the message reminded everyone that it is OPEN ENROLLMENT time. It seems to me that everyone from top down can make or do whatever mistakes they want and everything is an agent issue. We, of course, are zero tolerance on everything. Happy ANNUAL ELECTION everyone. It’s about the client, it’s about the money and it’s about the career we chose. Let’s put professional back in our profession by voicing through the channels that be and by continuing to serve until we are heard and let’s be HEARD… I’m tired, Nite all…

  • andy reid

    If its not about the money then send me your paycheck and you can go play social worker!

  • Chad Hamilton

    Andy Reid- It’s NOT about the money it’s about taking care of the insured the way that they deserve. It’s easy to give up when you don’t get what you want, but you have to put something above yourself.
    Don’t get me wrong the comps stink and if anything I hope they go up but, it takes agents like this to make a difference.
    I know personally Jim has worked for my agency for the past 10 yrs.. I am proud to call him my friend. I can give you many more stories like this from my agency and can honestly say all of them think the same way. Client first and the rest will come!!!

  • andy reid

    What for? 150 an app stay in bed and rest

  • There are so many more agents like this than not that it amazes me the image that CMS and the likes cast upon the independent agent. Take Care Jim, here’s to your speedy recovery and hopefully a productive season that allows all of us to continue taking care of our clients while still making a living as a small businessman. Hugs to your wife too. Just like her, if we all pull together we can get the job done.

  • dave


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