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Ritter Insurance Marketing works with over 30 insurance companies and over 6,000 independent insurance agents to deliver competitive insurance products for the over 50 market.

We believe a local independent agent is your best option to get the personalized service in determining which products best meet your needs.  Why?

  • Support For Your Community – By selecting a local agent, you are working with someone in your community.  If you need personalized service, a local agent can be there for you to explain coverages, answer questions or help you resolve issues.  A local agent is someone you could bump into at the grocery store, at a restaurant or at church.  You don’t get that level of personalized service with an 800 number.
  • Choose From Many Options – An independent agent has the option of presenting any number of insurance products from a wide variety of carriers.  If you call an insurance company directly, you will only get one option. . .theirs.
  • Work With a Professional – An independent agent is licensed with their State’s insurance department.    If you call an 800 number, you will be talking to a customer service rep who may not even be a licensed agent.