Please feel free to add any comments to any of my blog posts.  I don’t intend to be a censor of the posts, however, in an effort to keep things professional and postive, I’m going to impose a few ground rules:

1.  No profanity.  I define profanity as anything I wouldn’t say in front of my kids (1, 6 and 7).  In addition, I can “fill in the blanks” so don’t use $%*#&$.  Not necessary in my opinion.

2.  No personally identifying information.  If you post your e-mail address, phone number, mailing address, etc., I will take down your comment.  Feel free to link to a website, if you like.

3.  This is not intended to be a political blog.  Obviously, there is some politics involved in the insurance business.  Try to keep this in proper balance.

4.  I read every comment but I simply don’t have the time to reply to each of them, so please don’t take my lack of response as lack of appreciation!

5.  I take no responsibility for any comments other than my own!