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CMS Offers SEP for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

CMS has posted a means for those affected by Hurricane Sandy to get a special election period after the Annual Enrollment Period ends on December 7th.  The SEP can be requested by calling 800-MEDICARE.  It isn’t clear that a Medicare beneficiary would be able to use an insurance agent to assist with the SEP change. …

11 Nov 12
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2012 Medicare Summit in Grantville, PA

Here is a photo of the Ritter staff, company vendors and some of the agent participants from our 2012 Medicare Summit in Grantville, PA!  What a great event and thanks to all those who attended.      

8 Nov 12
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CMS Lists Plans with Low Performance Star Ratings

CMS Published a list of plans and markets where members received the “low star ratings” letter. Note that just because a plan is listed, doesn’t mean this applies to ALL markets where the plan operates.  The star rating is specific to both the plan and the geographic market. 2013 CMS Star Ratings Low Performer…

CMS Trying to Nudge Medicare Beneficiaries out of Low Performing Medicare Plans

Medicare has sent out letters to 525,000 Medicare beneficiaries who are in plans with Star Ratings of 2.5 stars or lower over the past 3 years.  Of the 525,000 Medicare beneficiaries receiving letters, 375,000 were in Medicare advantage plans and 150,000 were in PDP plans.  Here is a copy of the letter:  http://capsules.kaiserhealthnews.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/CMS-letter-medicare-plan-star-ratings.pdf

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