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Wellpoint CEO Resigns

Angela Braly, CEO of WellPoint, resigned last night due to pressure from shareholders.  Here is the story from Business Week.  WellPoint is the parent company of Anthem and operates Blue Cross and Blue Cross Blue Shield franchises in 14 states.

29 Aug 12
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Aetna to Acquire Coventry for $5.7 Billion

Brilliant move.  Nuff said.  Here is link. To read the WSJ article, type “Aetna Set to Acquire Coventry Health Care” into http://news.google.com and you can bypass needing a subscription to read the article. Full value is $7.3 billion including the assumption of debt.  Very big deal! Back in November, I specifically…

Just in! Aria now Participating with Bravo Health

Just heard that Bravo signed a multi-year agreement with Aria effective 8/16/2012!  This means there will be no disruption of service to Bravo Health members! Previously, I blogged about the loss, but this is no longer an issue!

13 Aug 12
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Bravo Health and Aria Health to Cut Ties on August 15th, 2012

According to MSNBC, this will impact a bit less than 2,000 of Bravo’s 70,000 members in SE PA (Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs).  These members will need to change plans during the AEP for a 1/1/2013 effective date, if they wish to continue using Aria Health on a non-emergency basis.  One exception is that there…

5 Aug 12
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CBO Projects 10 year Cost for Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Fix at $271 to $376.6 Billion

Once again, Congress and the President are facing a dilemma on how to fill a scheduled 27% reduction in Physician’s payments beginning on 1/1/2013.  CBO put out a cost estimate last week which shows the 10 year fix (not a permanent fix) would range from $271 to $376.6 Billion over 10 years, depending on the…

5 Aug 12
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Insurance Product Training – Aug 6, 2012 – Aug 13, 2012

Do you need insurance product training? RitterIm.com has an up-to-date posting of all the top carriers’ trainings on our event calendar. Registration is “one click” away at Ritter Insurance’s “Events’ Calendar”! (You must be logged in to register!)

  • Monday, August 6 – Foresters PlanRight Updates Training webinar is open to all agents. United…
    3 Aug 12
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