Here is the list!!

Contract Number Organization Type Organization Marketing Name Contract Name Parent Organization Rated As Highest Rating Rating
H0524 Local CCP Kaiser Permanente KAISER FOUNDATION HP, INC. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. MA-PD Overall 5
H0630 Local CCP Kaiser Permanente KAISER FOUNDATION HP OF CO Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. MA-PD Overall 5
H1019 Local CCP CarePlus Health Plans, Inc. CAREPLUS HEALTH PLANS, INC. Humana Inc. MA-PD Overall 5
H1230 Local CCP Kaiser Permanente KAISER FOUNDATION HP, INC. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. MA-PD Overall 5
H1651 1876 Cost Medical Associates Health Plan, Inc. MEDICAL ASSOCIATES HEALTH PLAN, INC. Medical Associates Clinic, P.C. MA-Only Part C Summary 5
H2150 1876 Cost Kaiser Permanente KAISER FNDN HP OF THE MID-ATLANTIC STS Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. MA-PD Overall 5
H5050 Local CCP Group Health Cooperative GROUP HEALTH COOPERATIVE Group Health Cooperative MA-PD Overall 5
H5262 Local CCP Gundersen Health Plan, Inc. GUNDERSEN HEALTH PLAN Gundersen Lutheran Health System Inc. MA-PD Overall 5
H5264 1876 Cost Dean Health Plan, Inc. DEAN HEALTH PLAN, INC. Dean Health Systems Inc. MA-Only Part C Summary 5
H5591 Local CCP Martin’s Point Generations Advantage MARTIN’S POINT GENERATIONS, LLC Martin’s Point Health Care, Inc. MA-PD Overall 5
H6360 1876 Cost HealthSpan HEALTHSPAN INTEGRATED CARE Catholic Health Partners MA-PD Overall 5
H9003 Local CCP Kaiser Permanente KAISER FOUNDATION HP OF THE N W Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. MA-PD Overall 5
H9047 Local CCP Providence Health Plans PROVIDENCE HEALTH PLAN Providence Health & Services MA-PD Overall 5
S1822 PDP HealthPartners National PDP HEALTHPARTNERS, INC. HealthPartners, Inc. PDP Part D Summary 5
S5743 PDP MedicareBlue Rx WELLMARK IA & SD, & BCBS MN, MT, NE, ND,& WY BCBS MN, MT, NE, ND, WY, Wellmark IA and SD PDP Part D Summary 5
S5753 PDP WPS Health Insurance WISCONSIN PHYSICIANS SERVICE INSURANCE CORPORATION Wisconsin Physicians Service Ins Corporation. PDP Part D Summary 5

Below is a link to the PDF of the press release from CMS on September 30th, 2014.  Florida Healthcare Plus, Inc. was notified of the suspension of enrollment of their Contract Number H4199 by CMS.


The plan was hit with fines for accounting errors.  See http://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/blog/morning-edition/2014/09/accounting-error-draws-penalty-for-florida.html

and http://health.wusf.usf.edu/post/medicare-hmo-fined-frozen

Here are the plans affected:



FLORIDA HEALTHCARE PLUS       Day Break (HMO)           L HMO – MAPD



Here is the story from Star Advertiser.  Any agents want to spend October through December in Hawaii helping these 46,000 folks find new plans??

Here is the story from the Winston-Salem Journal. 

The disenrollment for BCBSNC will impact about 49,500 Medicare beneficiaries.  There will also be significant changes to existing plans for an additional 76,500 Medicare beneficiaries with BCBSNC .  The other 34,400 with BCBSNC will only see slight changes in their plan.  The biggest impacts (disenrollment and significant plan changes) occurred with their most popular plans that were less than 4 stars.

State Farm and HCSC reached a deal to offer ACA plans in the five states where HCSC holds the BCBS licenses:  TX, IL, NM, OK and MT.  Here is the article from Forbes.

Today at 5pm, CMS issued a statement to plans that REVERSED their previous clarification of guidance.  On August 14, 2014, CMS issued a clarification on their June 17th revised Medicare Marketing Guidelines that stated that Plan Sponsors were prohibited from contacting (via phone) existing members to talk about other plan options (Section 70.6).

In the email today, CMS REVERSED this to allow plan sponsors to CALL existing customers/members to discuss other types of Medicare plans.  Here is the NEW FINAL section:

Plan/Part D Sponsors may do the following:

  • Call members to promote other Medicare plan types, (e.g., sponsors may contact their PDP members to promote their MA-PD offerings; sponsors that are also Medigap issuers may market their MA, PDP, or cost plan products to their Medigap customers), and discuss plan benefits.


It’s my pleasure to announce that Ritter Insurance Marketing has been named one of the Best Places to Work in PA for 2014. We’re very honored to receive this recognition and look forward to continuing to provide a fulfilling workplace for our employees. You can find the press release here.


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