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PA Changes LTC Partnership Requirements

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller recently announced a change in Long-Term Care (LTC) Partnership requirements that should help hold down premium increases. The adjustment allows for greater flexibility in the policy inflation protection that’s required by the federal government. Long term care partnership policies allow the policyholder to preserve personal assets equal to the…

29 Sep 16
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Find 2017 MAPD Data on Ritter’s Medicare Quote Engine

We’ve now finished incorporating ALL summary of benefits data for ALL 2017 Medicare Advantage plans on our Medicare Quote Engine! I’ve always believed up-to-date information is essential to your success and our applications reflect that! Now you compare the benefits for any 2017 plans side by side, just select the year you want in…

23 Sep 16
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UPDATE: ConnectiCare Stays, Health Republic Leaves Exchange

Some good news and some bad news on the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace.  ConnectiCare Re-Commits to Marketplace Nearly 50,000 beneficiaries are breathing a sigh of relief as ConnectiCare reverses its decision to leave the state marketplace in 2017. Despite having their revised rate increase denied by a court the week before, ConnectiCare announced on September…

20 Sep 16
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PA MLTSS Contracts Awarded to AmeriHealth Caritas, Centene, & UPMC

Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services has granted AmeriHealth Caritas, Centene Corp., and UPMC contracts for its new Medicaid program. Community HealthChoices, Pennsylvania’s first-ever program for providing managed long-term services and supports (MLTSS), is scheduled to go live July 1, 2017, in the state’s southwestern region. It will continue to be implemented in zone-based…

16 Sep 16
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Michigan to Face Huge Medigap Rate Increases in 2017

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has proposed sizable Medigap rate increases for 2017. Current plan members are a mixture of confused and upset as some face premiums more than twice what they pay now. In some areas, the changes are small, but in other regions, double-digit percentage increases have been requested. For enrollees who…

8 Sep 16
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Sanctions Against Cigna to Continue into AEP

Annual Enrollment 2016 is coming, but Cigna will be spending this one on the bench as CMS sanctions to their MAPD program continue. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services red-shirted the Connecticut-based company back in January citing, “widespread and systemic failures.” In a recent regulatory filing, Cigna admitted that they “probably can’t fix…

7 Sep 16
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Boosting the ACA Single Risk Pool

Maintaining the single risk pool has been one of the biggest challenges of the Affordable Care Act. Health and Human Services (HHS) recently proposed a change that aims to boost the ACA risk pool by limiting individual short-term health coverage. In planning stages, the ACA single risk pool was made up of primarily healthy…

31 Aug 16
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Oscar Insurance Reducing 2017 Marketplace Offerings

Oscar Insurance Corporation will be pulling out of the federal marketplace in Dallas, TX, and the entire state of New Jersey for 2017. The company’s exit from the exchange will leave roughly 26,000 New Jersey residents and 7,000 Dallas residents in need of new plans for next year. Oscar’s decision follows closely on the heels…

31 Aug 16
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