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California Insurance Commissioner Opposes Anthem-Cigna Deal

Although the California DOI does not have the authority to block the Anthem-Cigna merger, the CA DOI does have some influence over the process and advised the Department of Justice to block the merger of Anthem and Cigna on grounds that the combination would be anti-competitive for California health insurance consumers. If approved, the deal…

17 Jun 16
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2017 Proposed ACA Rate Changes by State

I’ve compiled a summary of available information for states that have disclosed proposed rate changes for 2017 so far. Each state has information about finding rates and submitting comments about changes, plus any relevant news pertaining to specific carriers.

17 Jun 16
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Insurers Looking to Raise 2017 ACA Plan Premiums by Double-Digits

Though Affordable Care Act plan rates are only finalized in the fall, ACA insurers are already submitting their initial proposals to their state regulators. And many are seeking approval for something we saw requested last year: double-digit rate hikes for their 2017 ACA plan premiums. Those asking for the large increases name big losses in…

14 Jun 16
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CMS Publishes 2017 Medicare Marketing Guidelines

This past Friday, June 10th, CMS published the 2017 Medicare marketing guidelines.  Technically, the Medicare marketing guidelines are EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.  Every year, we publish highlights for agents on “what’s new” in the Medicare Marketing guidelines and we plan on doing the same thing this year (I would expect we’ll have some talking points…

13 Jun 16
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UnitedHealthcare 2017 Certification & AHIP Courses Available in June 

Agents can begin completing their UnitedHealthcare 2017 certification courses on June 27! In order to sell UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Medicare products for the upcoming plan year, you must complete their UHC 2017 certification courses on UnitedHealthcare’s producer’s portal. For 2017, UHC will again accept new AHIP certifications and re-certifications. Starting June 20, agents can complete…

10 Jun 16
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Maximum Broker Commissions for Medicare Advantage (MA) and Medicare Part D (PDP) for 2017

For the second year in a row, CMS has raised maximum broker commissions for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D. Note, insurance providers are not REQUIRED to pay the maximum commission rate. We’ll keep an eye out for the insurance companies’ 2017 filings in the coming months. Medicare Part D Maximum Broker Commissions Initial commissions…

1 Jun 16
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Best and Worst States for Medicare Advantage Reimbursement in 2017

I ran some analysis of reimbursement rates for 2017.  I took the 4 star and higher reimbursement for each county in the United States and multiplied the reimbursement by the number of MA members in the county.  I did not take into account Regional PPO plans (as that would have been exceedingly difficult), but this…

11 May 16
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eHealth Medicare Membership Grows 42% Year over Year

eHealth’s stock is poised to rise this morning as the company reported strong earnings last night. On the conference call, they shared that their strategy of investing heavily in Medicare, while managing Individual and Family plans for profitability is working quite well. Their overall Medicare membership jumped 42% from 155,000 to over 220,000,…

29 Apr 16
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