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Insurance Product Training- April 18th – April 22nd

Do you need insurance product training? RitterIm.com has an up-to-today posting of all the top carriers trainings on the events calendar. Registration is “one click” away at Ritter Insurance’s “Events’ Calendar”! (You must be logged in to register!)

  • Monday, April 18th; Go Health Overview Training webinar is open to all agents. Foresters…
    15 Apr 11
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Webinar review for CareMore, Preferred Care Partners and Bravo.

This past week we held webinars for Caremore, Preferred Care partners and Bravo to review their Special needs plans.  Below you will find a copy of the presentation along with any supporting materials.  We did record the webinars so click on ‘Link to recording’ to listen.    Caremore presentation
Caremore website

28 Jan 11
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Year End Application Submission Deadlines for Medicare Advantage and Part D as provided by CMS

Outlined below are the dates for Year End Application Submissions as provided by CMS.  Paper enrollment forms and disenrollment requests received via U.S. Mail delivery on Monday, January 3, 2011, regardless of U.S. Postal Service postmark, may be considered “received” on Friday, December 31, 2010, and thus accepted as AEP elections. Paper enrollment forms and disenrollment…

20 Dec 10
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Optima’s Application Has Been Approved

Click here to go to our resource page Company: Optima Resource: Application State: VA Product: Medicare Advantage

5 Oct 10
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The Admiral Life Insurance Company has revised the Medicare Supplement Application for the states of Idaho (ID), California (CA), Montana (MT), South Dakota (SD), Tennessee (TN) and Texas TX

The new application form numbers are “ALMSAPP200812ID for the state of ID,  ALMSAPP200812CA for the state of CA, ALMSAPP200812MT for the state of MT, ALMSAPP200812SD for the state of SD, ALMSAPP200812TN for the state of TN and ALMSAPP200812TX for the state of TX.    The new applications will be required for signature dates on or after May…

25 Mar 09
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Wellpoint Announces Sales Appointment Confirmation Forms for Unicare, Anthem BlueCross/BlueShield and Empire

Be sure you have this form signed prior to any home visits.  Retain this form for your client file. Here is the page with the form.

19 Oct 08
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Unison Requiring Use of Attestation form EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY on all Medicare Advantage Enrollments

Click here for the form. The form is required with all enrollment applications effective immediately. Applications will be placed in incomplete status if the eligibility attestion is not included with enrollment application.    

26 Jul 08
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Replacement Forms for Life Insurance now Required in Alabama, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Virginia, Texas and West Virginia

Several state insurance departments have adopted the NAIC Model Life Insurance Replacement Regulations.  The latest state to adopt these regulations is West Virginia and this is to become effective immediately.  This means that some type of “Replacement” form is required in the following states:  AL, LA, MD, NC, KY, MS, NJ, OH, VA, TX and…

30 Jun 08
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Understanding use of Rate Classes when using Great American Companies Single app

As I noted in a former post, the Great American Companies (Loyal American, United Teacher Associates, CRL, Continental General and Provident American) are moving to a single application for Medicare Supplement which would cover each of these companies.  Since the rate classes vary by company, Great American issued this release to explain how to tie the…

28 Jun 08
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New Applications available for Lincoln Heritage Medicare Supplement

New applications are available in the following states:  DE, SD, OK and WY.  These applications will be available on our RESOURCES page shortly.

27 Jun 08
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