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Medicare Announces 2017 Parts A & B Premiums and Deductibles

This year’s Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will increase Medicare costs for beneficiaries. Part B About 70% of Medicare beneficiaries will pay $109 for their 2017 Part B monthly premiums, a 3.9% increase compared to the past four years. The remaining 30% not “held harmless” will have a monthly premium of $134 in 2017, up…

11 Nov 16
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0.3% Social Security COLA Increase Will Affect Medicare Part B Premiums

The cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2017 will rise only 0.3 percent after staying flat in 2016. What’s that mean for seniors on Medicare? For most, not a whole lot. For others, a potential hit to the wallet due to shifting in Part B premiums. The 2017 COLA increase equates to an extra…

19 Oct 16
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WellCare to Expand Arizona Presence

Consolidation has been a major theme in the health insurance industry. And it looks like we could see more of it next year. Pending regulatory approvals, a new deal will allow WellCare to expand its business in Arizona. WellCare Health Plans Inc. recently announced that it plans to buy two subsidiaries of Care1st Health Plan, an affiliate of…

6 Oct 16
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Find 2017 MAPD Data on Ritter’s Medicare Quote Engine

We’ve now finished incorporating ALL summary of benefits data for ALL 2017 Medicare Advantage plans on our Medicare Quote Engine! I’ve always believed up-to-date information is essential to your success and our applications reflect that! Now you compare the benefits for any 2017 plans side by side, just select the year you want in…

23 Sep 16
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eHealth Medicare Membership Grows 42% Year over Year

eHealth’s stock is poised to rise this morning as the company reported strong earnings last night. On the conference call, they shared that their strategy of investing heavily in Medicare, while managing Individual and Family plans for profitability is working quite well. Their overall Medicare membership jumped 42% from 155,000 to over 220,000,…

29 Apr 16
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Early Thoughts on 2017 Medicare Advantage Reimbursement Rates

CMS published their “rate book” for Medicare Advantage reimbursements for 2017. The top line story in the press focuses on one number which is the “average” increase for 2017. The way this works, CMS publishes an advance notice and then the final payment numbers 45 days later. In the advance notice, CMS put out an…

25 Apr 16
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Congress Considers Expanding Telehealth Accessibility for Medicare Clients

The United States Senate Committee on Finance is in the process of contemplating changes to Medicare that could make telehealth services more accessible for millions of beneficiaries in the program. In December 2015, the Senate Finance Committee published a Bipartisan Chronic Care Working Group Policy Options Document. The document presents several possible policy changes aimed…

18 Feb 16
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State of the Senior Market: In Review

On Friday, I gave my annual State of the Senior Market address to 500 agents from across the country. You can watch a recording here, but if you’d like a quick summary, here are some of the highlights: Ritter Year in Review

  • We went from 102 employees to 140 employees, which means more people working…

    12 Feb 16
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UnitedHealth Releases Earnings, Tops Estimates

UnitedHealth Group is the first of the major insurers to post their 4th quarter earnings. Analysts will look closely at these earnings to determine the overall health of the insurance industry. As I’ve talked about before, UnitedHealth took a hit this year in the ACA business, but their earnings surprisingly topped estimates. UnitedHealth’s earnings…

22 Jan 16
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Clover Health Receives $35 More in Investment Funds

Bold upstart health insurer Clover Health has received another $35 million in capital funding to pair with $100 million received in September. Why are investors so keen on this small Medicare Advantage insurer out of New Jersey? Clover’s innovative approach is focused on connecting patient data with care. The company’s technology is programmed to…

17 Dec 15
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