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Medicareful Expands Opportunities for Insurance Agents

We’ve done a lot in the last year to strengthen Medicareful’s standing in the online Medicare marketplace, and I truly believe now’s the time to join in! Our consumer-facing product comparison is available for FREE to any agent with a preferred contract through Ritter, and you can contact Linda Kennedy (800-769-1847 ext. 373) for details…

8 Feb 17
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The Provider Network Change SEP Few Agents Know Exists

Agents know Medicare beneficiaries can only make changes to their health coverage during the short 54-day Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), unless they qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) at some point throughout the year. However, what many agents don’t know is that seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans may qualify for one SEP…

23 Apr 16
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The New Face of Identity Theft

Forget your credit cards or social security number. Health care records are the latest target for hackers looking to steal your identity, and thefts are up 11,000 percent from 2015. Why the surge? Unlike other forms of identity theft, health care records arm a thief with a great deal of personal information. In addition…

22 Feb 16
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Clover Health Raises $100M with Revolutionary Approach to Health Insurance

As the 2016 Annual Enrollment Period approaches, one thing is clear: investors are already banking on Clover Health having a successful selling season. Clover Health, based in San Francisco, is a digital health insurance startup offering a Medicare Advantage government-subsidized plan in nine counties throughout New Jersey. Formerly known as CarePoint Health Plan, the…

25 Sep 15
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Health System Reports 4.5 Million Patients Information Stolen

Here is the full story from USA Today.  The health system whose data was compromised was Community Health Systems based in Franklin, TN.  The information stolen included names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and social security numbers.  The hackers were believed to be from China.  The breach apparently occurred in April and…

19 Aug 14
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Walmart Moves into Primary Care

Here is an interesting article on how Walmart is looking to move into the Primary Care space from the New York Times.  They currently have 6 locations in South Carolina and Texas and plan on opening up 6 more locations in 2015.  Walmart had opened some critical care clinics in the past, with…

19 Aug 14
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Deft Research Study on Medicare Age-in Consumers

Here is a brief overview from Richard Hammer’s post on Linked in.  Key points on the study were that a much higher percentage of Medicare age in’s are now individual purchasers as opposed to having coverage through a group or retiree plan.  Also, purchasers are more likely to consider higher deductibles as opposed to…

30 Jul 14
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Almost 80% of Medicare Beneficiaries Do Not Know That AEP Ends on December 7th

Most Medicare beneficiaries believe that AEP ends on December 31st, followed by December 1st.  About 22% of Medicare beneficiaries answered correctly that AEP ends on December 7th. Here is a link to the poll that was taken by HealthPocket:

4 Dec 13
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Reporting of Administrative Actions and Criminal Convictions

The following email came from the State of California Department of Insurance. NOTICE TO:  All Admitted Insurers, Insurance Producers, Bail Agents, Independent and Public Adjusters and Other Interested Parties SUBJECT:  Reporting of Administrative Actions and Criminal Convictions DATE:  August 16, 2013 Background
On January 1, 2005, Section 1729.2 was added to the California Insurance…

16 Aug 13
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Dr. Ben Carson’s Speech at National Prayer Breakfast

Whether or not you agree with Dr. Carson’s political views, I think his speech is worth a listen.  Dr. Carson is an amazing inspiration to me personally having read his book (Gifted Hands) and watched the movie based on his life (same title).  He pioneered many revolutionary techniques in…

17 Feb 13
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