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Health System Reports 4.5 Million Patients Information Stolen

Here is the full story from USA Today.  The health system whose data was compromised was Community Health Systems based in Franklin, TN.  The information stolen included names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and social security numbers.  The hackers were believed to be from China.  The breach apparently occurred in April and…

19 Aug 14
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Walmart Moves into Primary Care

Here is an interesting article on how Walmart is looking to move into the Primary Care space from the New York Times.  They currently have 6 locations in South Carolina and Texas and plan on opening up 6 more locations in 2015.  Walmart had opened some critical care clinics in the past, with…

19 Aug 14
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Deft Research Study on Medicare Age-in Consumers

Here is a brief overview from Richard Hammer’s post on Linked in.  Key points on the study were that a much higher percentage of Medicare age in’s are now individual purchasers as opposed to having coverage through a group or retiree plan.  Also, purchasers are more likely to consider higher deductibles as opposed to…

30 Jul 14
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Almost 80% of Medicare Beneficiaries Do Not Know That AEP Ends on December 7th

Most Medicare beneficiaries believe that AEP ends on December 31st, followed by December 1st.  About 22% of Medicare beneficiaries answered correctly that AEP ends on December 7th. Here is a link to the poll that was taken by HealthPocket:

4 Dec 13
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Reporting of Administrative Actions and Criminal Convictions

The following email came from the State of California Department of Insurance. NOTICE TO:  All Admitted Insurers, Insurance Producers, Bail Agents, Independent and Public Adjusters and Other Interested Parties SUBJECT:  Reporting of Administrative Actions and Criminal Convictions DATE:  August 16, 2013 Background
On January 1, 2005, Section 1729.2 was added to the California Insurance…

16 Aug 13
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Dr. Ben Carson’s Speech at National Prayer Breakfast

Whether or not you agree with Dr. Carson’s political views, I think his speech is worth a listen.  Dr. Carson is an amazing inspiration to me personally having read his book (Gifted Hands) and watched the movie based on his life (same title).  He pioneered many revolutionary techniques in…

17 Feb 13
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Sequestration Cuts to Medicare Looming

It seems like the possibility that sequestration cuts will occur (due March 1st) is growing recently.  Nancy Pelosi appeared on Fox News Sunday today and argued for higher taxes on Gas and Oil and reductions in “loopholes” for high income earners as the way to replace sequestration.  Ms. Pelosi argued that there were…

10 Feb 13
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CMS Demonstration Projects for Dual Eligibles Seeks to Improve Care, Lower Costs

The dual eligible population in the United States is one of the most vulnerable, frail and the most costly for which to provide care.  Dual eligible individuals are those who are receiving both Medicare and Medicaid.  Since Medicare/Medicaid are delivered on a “Fee for Service” basis, it’s difficult (and expensive) to coordinate the myriad points…

6 Feb 13
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Wellcare completes Acquisition of United Healthcare’s SC Medicaid Business

Here is the story for the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

5 Feb 13
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Universal Health Care to be Acquired by Dr. Kiran Patel’s Entity

Another happening in a busy week at Universal Health Care Group!  Tampa Bay Business Journal is reporting that Universal Health Care Group has agreed to be acquired by Freedom Health Care/Optimum Health Care Group which are owned by Dr. Kiran Patel. The acquisition is pending regulatory approval.

1 Feb 13
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