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Changes to 2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines: What Agents Need to Know

CMS published their 2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines a couple weeks back.  The document is 124 pages long, so there’s a lot to digest and not 100% of the material is totally relevant to agents, so I like to talk about what’s DIFFERENT from one year to the last and focus on what’s most important…

4 Aug 17
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State of the Senior Market: In Review

On Friday, I gave my annual State of the Senior Market address to 500 agents from across the country. You can watch a recording here, but if you’d like a quick summary, here are some of the highlights: Ritter Year in Review

  • We went from 102 employees to 140 employees, which means more people working…
    12 Feb 16
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Overview of Medicare Marketing Guidelines 2016 Changes

I’ve completed my first read through of the 2016 MMG. This blog post will act as a “living” document as I continue to get feedback from insurance companies on how they interpret these changes. I’m certainly going to lay things out as best I can, but sometimes when reading these changes, CMS provides a little…

5 Jul 15
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CMS Releases 2016 Medicare Marketing Guidelines

CMS released the 2016 MMG early this evening. We will be reviewing the changes over the next week or so and providing an overview of significant changes that impact insurance agents. Here is a link to the MMG.

2 Jul 15
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Friendly competition with BIG rewards from Ritter Insurance Marketing!

As we move into Spring,  many people are drawn to the madness of the annual men’s college basketball tournament.  As such, Ritter Insurance Marketing invites you to enter the 2014 Ritter Bracket Challenge.  No purchase is necessary and there are no contracting requirements to participate. Heck, you don’t even need to know anything about college…

7 Mar 14
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