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AM Best Lowers Financial Ratings on Great American Health Subsidiaries

I saw this headline and missed the fact that some of the subsidiaries were lowered.  Loyal American is one of the subs, but they did stay in AM Best’s “Excellent” category at A-.  Medicare Quote Engine reflect this change shortly. Here is a link to the AM Best press release.

9 Jun 10
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Effective August 1, 2009, Great American Supplemental Benefits Group will be exiting from the Senior Life/Final Expense market

  • This change will affect the following products, which will no longer be available for new sales in all states:
  • Central Reserve Life Insurance Co. – Senior Life and Graded Death Benefit (policy series RSA & RSB)
  • Continental General Insurance Co. – Senior Life and Graded Death Benefit (policy series L9190F & L9710F)
  • Loyal American…
    5 Aug 09
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Great American Supplemental Benefits Group wants to save your time & gas and EXPAND your BUSINESS!

Join Great American on Wednesday, February 11th at 11 AM CST for an informative webinar on their revolutionary e-App process.  They will show you all the steps to easily complete a phone sale and submit business fast, easy and all without ever having to obtain a client ‘wet’ signature! For details on how to attend…

10 Feb 09
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Great American Supplemental Benefits Companies to Discontinue the Sale of New Business for Medicare Supplement for some Subsidiaries

You can access the current product availability chart here. The following company/states will be discontinued on 1/15/09:  North Dakota for CRL and Provident American The following Company/states will be discontinued on 2/1/09:  Indiana for CRL and CGI and Kansas for CRL The following Company/States will be discontinued on 2/15/09:  Illinois for CGI and Provident…

10 Jan 09
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Great American Companies Consolidate Broker Sold Medicare Supplement

In an effort to simply their Medicare Supplement offerings, Great American is reducing the number of broker sold Medicare Supplement products available where they have multiple products available in one state.  The Great American companies include:  Central Reserve Life (CRL), Continental General, Provident American, Loyal American, Great American and United Teacher Associates (UTA). To access…

18 Dec 08
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August Sales Source for Great American Companies (CRL, Continental General, Provident American, Loyal American, United Teacher Associates and Great American LTC)


1 Aug 08
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Upgrades to Simplified Issue Whole Life (Final Expense) Quoting on Medicare Quote Engine (MQE)

We are please  to announce some new additions to the final expense quoting of the Medicare Quote engine:

  • Royal Neighbors
  • Continental General
  • Citizens Security (New product).

Attached is a sample quote.  In the next few days, I’ll write a brief synopsis of what I like about each of these companies.

16 Jul 08
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Understanding use of Rate Classes when using Great American Companies Single app

As I noted in a former post, the Great American Companies (Loyal American, United Teacher Associates, CRL, Continental General and Provident American) are moving to a single application for Medicare Supplement which would cover each of these companies.  Since the rate classes vary by company, Great American issued this release to explain how to tie the…

28 Jun 08
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Electronic Applications Expanded with Great American Companies

Comments from Craig:  I’m thinking that this program could have a very good application for those agents who are working with individuals via the phone and internet.  Even in cases where you don’t want to drive an hour to get a final expense app signed. . . I will be adding CGI Senior Life to our…

26 Jun 08
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Phone Verification Procedure for Great American Companies

Good News! We will consolidate our Phone Verification (PV) processes for all business submitted to Austin after 6/25/08. Now you only need to call EMSI or the Austin office for all business within the Great American Supplemental Benefits Group family of companies. You no longer have to call the KC office for CGI, CRL and…

25 Jun 08
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