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Lifetime Renewals on Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D – A New Trend?

On Friday, June 1st, 2012, two major insurance companies announced that they will be paying “lifetime renewals” on Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D.  Aetna announced this for both products and Cigna for just their Part D plans.  In the past, some carriers had extended renewals for up to 10 years, but these are the…

2 Jun 12
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Cigna Completes Purchase of HealthSpring

Here is the story from the Baltimore Sun.  This transaction closed yesterday.  The acquisition of HealthSpring is a major step in building Cigna’s presence in the Medicare Advantage and Part D market.  Prior to adding HealthSpring, Cigna’s business in Medicare Advantage was limited to an HMO plan in the Phoenix market.

1 Feb 12
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Cigna gets Anti-Trust Approval for Acquisition of HealthSpring

Cigna has cleared the first hurdle in it’s acquisition of Medicare advantage provider, HealthSpring.  Here is a link to the story from CBS News. The Cigna/HealthSpring deal was valued at $3.8 billion and was the largest in a series of acquisitions in the Medicare advantage market which…

23 Nov 11
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Cigna Agrees to Purchase HealthSpring

Holy smokes, I didn’t see this one coming!  Cigna is getting back into the Medicare Advantage market in a BIG way.  Here is a link to the story from Businessweek.

24 Oct 11
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CIGNA Medicare Rx® (PDP) 2011 Enrollment Kits Now Available to Order

Enrollment Kits for CIGNA Medicare Rx® (PDP) are now available to order from the CIGNA Medicare Services®
Marketing and Fulfillment Portal at: http://custompoint.rrd.com/cignamedicare. Reminder:  Orders for enrollment kits can only be placed online, phone orders will not be accepted. At the login screen, enter your CIGNA Agent ID in the User ID field, your CIGNA Password…

12 Oct 10
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Cigna May 2010 Private Fee for Service Medicare Advantage Enrollment Data by State and by County

This comes from the CMS enrollment figures for Medicare Advantage plans.  Cigna announced on June 10th, they will be exiting the PFFS market in 2011. Here are a couple different looks at their enrollment as of May 1st, 2010: State Totals:  Cigna PFFS Total Enrollment by State State/County totals:  Cigna PFFS Total…

Cigna to Exit Private Fee for Service (PFFS) Market in 2011

Here is the press release. Many of you who follow my blog may have noticed back in April that I referenced that in their press release, they didn’t mention individual PFFS business for 2011.  My original coverage of this story can be found here. I thought that was a pretty good tip that…

10 Jun 10
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Cigna Posts 36 Percent Increase in Profit in First Quarter of 2010

Here is the company’s press release. Cigna joined other major health insurers in posting a nice gain over the first quarter of 2009.  Cigna’s stock closed up almost 3% in the midst of a turbulent day on Wall Street which saw the Dow fall almost 1,000 points before recovering do close down about about…

6 May 10
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Cigna and Humana Form Alliance on Retiree Medicare Advantage Plans

Here is a link to the Press Release from the Cigna Website. Here is the link from Humana’s Investor Relations website. Here is a link to the article from the WSJ with comments by Carl MacDonald of Oppenheimer. Interestingly, when you read the Press Release, it specifically mentions Cigna’s Individual HMO product…

18 Apr 10
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Cigna Downgraded by Financial Analyst on Pricing Concerns on Private Fee for Service (PFFS) Product

Oppenheimer’s Stock Analyst, Carl MacDonald, downgraded Cigna’s stock to “Perform” from “Out-Perform” based on his belief that Cigna had “significantly underpriced” it’s Private Fee for Service (PFFS) product.  He noted that Cigna added 50,000 PFFS members in the first 3 weeks of annual enrollment and expected about 100,000 new members for the full year of…

27 Jan 10
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