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Cigna gets Anti-Trust Approval for Acquisition of HealthSpring

Cigna has cleared the first hurdle in it’s acquisition of Medicare advantage provider, HealthSpring.  Here is a link to the story from CBS News. The Cigna/HealthSpring deal was valued at $3.8 billion and was the largest in a series of acquisitions in the Medicare advantage market which…

23 Nov 11
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Humana to Acquire Arcadian Management

Here is a link to the story from Forbes.  Not much detail here as the terms were not disclosed.  Arcadian has about 64,000 HMO members and the acquisition will not materially impact Humana’s financials.  The deal is subject to regulatory approval.  The pace of acquisitions has been fairly rapid in the Medicare Advantage and…

28 Aug 11
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CMS Lifts Sanctions from Arcadian Health Plans

I saw a press release on this, but I couldn’t find it on the Arcadian website or in any other news stories on the web.  I’ll keep looking for a source, but I wouldn’t even mention it if I wasn’t convinced it’s accurate. UPDATE:  I’ve found a source!

12 Jul 11
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CMS Announces Marketing Sanctions for Three Medicare Advantage Carriers: Health Net, Arcadian and Universal American

Update:  We’ve added an emergency webex call for agent on Tuesday, November 23rd at 3pm EASTERN time.  Click here for details and to register. CMS isssued a press release on Friday afternoon announcing these marketing sanctions.  The sanctions for Health Net took effect at mid-night last Friday, so as I write this, they are…

22 Nov 10
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Plane Crash Claims Arcadian’s Chairman and Founder, John H. Austin, MD

We recently contracted with this company.  Dr. Austin was devoted to helping Medicare Beneficiaries.  He was very well respected within the industry and he will be missed.  Our condolences to his family and to his “family” at Arcadian. Here is the article.

31 May 09
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