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Aetna Acquires Humana for $37 Billion

Here are some details from Yahoo Finance.

This deal, if approved by regulators, would push Aetna to the No. 1 position in the Medicare Advantage space and would significantly increase their position in ACA and Tricare business. It would also vault Aetna to the No. 2 position overall as a health insurer, vaulting Anthem. United Healthcare would remain the No. 1 health insurer overall.

Valued at $37 billion, it would easily eclipse the largest merger ever in the insurance space.

Yesterday, Centene purchased Health Net in a deal worth $6.8 billion.

The Aetna/Humana record merger might not last long as the largest deal ever in the insurance space as Anthem is in talks with Cigna for a deal in the $47 billion range.

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