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Enroll America shrinking is bad for sign-up benchmarks, good for agents

As financial support wanes, the not-for-profit whose objective is to educate Americans about the Affordable Care Act is cutting 100 jobs and shifting its focus.

Enroll America, the Obama administration’s tool to promote the federal health care exchange, is now training community groups and health providers to publicize the law, especially in GOP-led states where information isn’t being distributed with much fervor.

According to Enroll America, its staff and volunteers directly contacted nearly 874,000 consumers around the country during the second open enrollment, up 37% from the previous enrollment cycle.

Many of those who badly needed insurance, what pundits called “low-hanging fruit,” are now covered, but those remaining uncovered will be harder to reach through Enroll America’s traditional avenues.

A complaint against Enroll America is that the group gets people enrolled in any plan, but not necessarily the best plan for them. The nonprofit can be considered a direct competitor to agents, who have more at stake with a beneficiary than a group primarily concerned with tallying enrollment figures.

As the non-profit shrinks due to decreased funding, agents will take on an even larger role in assisting those eligible in enrolling. As the individual mandate grows, there becomes a greater and greater potential disincentive to remain uninsured.

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