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CMS Releases Final 2015 Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D (PDP) Broker Commissions

Below are the figures for 2015. See the increased Maximum Broker Commissions for 2018 here.

Looks like the initial commission rates for Medicare advantage are dropping across all states.  The Prescription drug commissions (PDP) are holding steady for another year.  Here is a summary of the commissions by state which are the MAXIMUM CMS will allow insurance companies to pay agents and brokers in 2015:

California and New Jersey – $510 Initial Medicare Advantage commissions

Pennsylvania, Connecticut and District of Columbia – $461 Initial Medicare Advantage (MA) Commissions

All other States – $408 Initial Medicare Advantage (MA) Commissions

Renewal for ALL years are UP TO 50% of the initial commissions.  I’m interpreting the guidance to mean that ALL MA renewals (regardless of year of entry) will be paid at UP TO 50% of the 2015 initial rate.

For Medicare Prescription Drug (PDP) commission are $56 Initial commissions and renewals are $28 for all years in 2015.


Here is a link to the CMS document:  CMS CY2015 Agent-Broker Compensation 5 27 14 (2)

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