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January, 2014 Medicare Advantage Enrollment Numbers Available on MedicareQuoteEngine.com

Recently, CMS published their first look at the January 1st, 2014 enrollment numbers by plan.  We have integrated the enrollment numbers in our MedicareQuoteEngine.com tool for insurance agents.  Agents registered with Ritter Insurance Marketing can access the enrollment numbers for all plans in all counties in the United States.  Additionally, we show the trends (positive, negative or neutral), so agents know which plans are increasing in membership, which plans are shrinking and which plans are simply treading water.

Here is a sample view of the results for Medicare Advantage plans with Drugs for Chicago, IL (Cook County) with the plan names removed (click to enlarge):MQE_enrollment_2014

Agents can select or deselect plans by type (HMO, PPO, PFFS, SNP, Cost).  Once plan type(s) are selected, the primary display gives Sponsor Name, Plan Name, Plan Type, Monthly Premium, Annual Drug Deductible, In Network Copays for PCP and Specialist, Maximum out of pocket and Star Rating, along with the enrollment data.  Agents can click on a plan to see ALL of the details on a particular plan or select two or more plans to compare side by side.

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