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An Important Message About NAMSA from Craig Ritter

A Message from Craig Ritter,  “As a NAMSA member, I really appreciate the work that Ron has done to keep agents informed about the regulations in Washington DC.  His weekly email newsletter is one of the few I read every week!  He has collaborated with some of the top producers in the United States to…

22 Jan 14
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Ritter Bestows “Rookie of the Year” Honors on 10 Medicare Advantage Plans for 2014

CMS just published the first look at 2014 enrollment data, so it’s time to take a look at some of the big winners for 2014.  Just for fun, we’re introducing something for 2014, our “Rookies of the Year”.  This honor is bestowed on the top 10 plans who introduced a new plan in a county…

19 Jan 14
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New Philadelphia-Based Medicare Advantage Plan Exceeds Enrollment Goals

Ritter was pleased to partner with Health Partners Plans, a non-profit, hospital owned plan based in Philadelphia, PA.  Although the service area of the plan was limited to only one county, they were able to enroll over 1,500 members effective the first day they offered coverage, January 1st, 2014. Here is a link…

Coalition for Medicare Choices Start Running Ads

These ads are targeted in a number of states.  They are somewhat preemptive, as CMS will release it’s initial proposed rate change for Medicare advantage funding around February 15th.

17 Jan 14
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Are the “Three R’s” of the ACA Going to Cost Taxpayers?

Section 1341, 1342 and 1343 of the Affordable Care Act provides for what are referred to as the “Three R’s” of the ACA.  Here is a description of the Three R’s:  Reinsurance, Risk Corridors and Risk Adjustment.  Risk Corridors, in particular, were NOT scored by the GAO when the ACA was first passed,…

13 Jan 14
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Notes on CMS Proposed Rulemaking Impacting 2015 MA and PDP Commissions for Agents

Here are my notes on the proposed CMS rulemaking.  See the original blog post here for background. Page 28-29 – Executive Summary of the proposed rulemaking, recounts some of the history of the 6 year compensation cycle and describes current 3 tier system and proposes a 2 tier system with an initial amount…

10 Jan 14
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CMS Proposed Rulemaking would Impact Agent’s MA and PDP Commissions in 2015

Edit 1/10/14:  I added my notes on the proposed rulemaking here. I still need to take some time to review, but here is the latest rulemaking from CMS, which includes proposals to change the way agents are compensated for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans.  The document was posted on…

8 Jan 14
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More Cuts Coming to Medicare Advantage in 2015?

This is a follow up to a blog post I added a couple days ago from a financial analyst that sees the growth in Medicare advantage slowing. Forbes contributor, Scott Gottlieb, wrote in a little more detail about the cuts coming in 2015 to the Medicare advantage program.  My primary concern…

8 Jan 14
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Get Familiar with Your State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (SPAP)

Getting familiar with your State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program is a great way, not only to help your Medicare beneficiary clients, but also to unlock special elections to enroll in Medicare PDP or Medicare advantage plans with Part D.  Medicare beneficiaries who are enrolled in an SPAP get one Special Election Period per year to change…

6 Jan 14
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Financial Analyst Expects Slower Growth for Medicare Advantage in 2014

This past year was a very strong year for Medicare advantage with enrollment growing by 9% to 15.1 million, however, Carl McDonald who covers Health Care Companies for Citi sees slowing growth in 2014.  The primary reason for the slower growth is due to the reductions in reimbursement which are mandated by the Affordable Care…

5 Jan 14
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