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New Market Intelligence Data Available on Medicare Quote Engine for Medicare Advantage

Great news!  Ritter Insurance Marketing’s proprietary Medicare comparison tool, MedicareQuoteEngine.com, has been updated to include more useful information for insurance agents in order to help you understand enrollment statistics for plans in your territory.

When you generate Medicare advantage comparisons for any county in the United States, in addition to being about to compare all of the premiums, deductibles and co-pays for 2 or more plans side by side, you will also now be able to see the enrollment statistics for each plan.  You can sort the plans based on highest or lowest enrollment.  In addition to the enrollment numbers, we indicate whether the monthly enrollment is increasing, decreasing or remaining stable.

Also, MQE now will highlight which plans are being terminated and which plans are in counties with Service Area Reductions (SAR’s).

If you are an agent who is a registered user of the www.ritterim.com website, Medicare Quote Engine is a free tool for your use.  If you are an agent interested in learning more about Medicare Quote Engine, click here.

Here is a screen shot with the new layout.  Let us know what you think of the added information!


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