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Medicare.gov Plan Finder Data May Not be Accurate for 2014

Although it appears that you can view 2014 plan data on the Medicare.gov website via plan finder, it appears that the data was partially loaded and stopped due to the Government shutdown.  You will see this disclaimer on the top of Medicare.gov:


At first, we thought this was just a “warning” and that the data might be OK for 2014 (since it appears to be displaying), however, as we looked closer at the data to validate some plan information, we’re finding a good bit of the data is incorrect or not available.  For example, when we look for plan details, we get this error message:


It’s possible that some of the 2013 data is mixing with 2014, we’re not exactly sure, but this is going to delay our ability to publish accurate data on 2014 plans on www.medicarequoteengine.com.  We’re still working on this!

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