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2013 AHIP Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Certification Training

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Here is some general information regarding the 2013 AHIP Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D General Compliance Traning:

  • The general website is https://www.ahipmedicaretraining.com.
  • If you have registered in the past, your username is your National Producer Number (NPN).  You can find your NPN by searching here.
  • If you haven’t passed the AHIP exam in 2012, you will need to take all 5 modules for 2013 before you are allowed to take the exam.  If you passed the exam in 2012, you will only need to take modules 4 and 5.  IMPORTANT:  The exam will cover all 5 modules, so even if you passed in a prior year, you should review modules 1, 2 and 3.
  • You can save a PDF copy of the 5 modules for self-study or print the slides.  The link is on the left bar after you click on a module..  Just right click and save to your hard drive or left click and print.  The PDF copy of the study modules DO NOT have the practice questions (see next bullet).
  • When clicking through the study modules, you can skip the practice questions, but you really shouldn’t.  Answering the practice questions wrong has no impact passing the AHIP, so don’t worry if you get the practice answers wrong.  Take your time with the practice questions and make sure you understand why each answer is correct.
  • The cost of the training is $150 if you do the training through the https://www.ahipmedicaretraining.com website.  DON’T!!  Generally, you can find the training for $100 (save $50) by going through a insurance company’s certification website.
  • Even if you take AHIP through a carrier’s website, you can use the AHIP training for ALL companies who require the 2013 AHIP for General Compliance Certification.
  • You get 3 attempts to pass the training with a score of 90%.  If you don’t pass on the first 3 attempts, you will have to pay another fee to try the test again.  IMPORTANT:  Many companies will not accept the AHIP test results if you don’t pass on one of the first 3 attempts.
  • Many companies will offer a “reimbursement” in addition to the reduced rate for AHIP.  My suggestion is to do a little “shopping” and certify with the carrier who you believe you will be doing some business with.  Generally, the reimbursement is based on submitting a small number of applications.  However, you will not qualify for the reimbursement unless you do the initial AHIP certification through that insurance company’s certification portal.
  • Ritter will be posting detailed information on each carrier’s certification process as the details come available.  To find the certification process you are looking for, go to www.ritterim.com and search for “Certification” or click here.  (Adding the carrier’s name will improve your search results!)
  • Some states will allow you to collect CE credits for passing AHIP.  There is an additional cost if you want to get these credits.  Make sure your state accepts them before you pay the fee!

Good Luck!

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