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Medicare Changes for 2012, Interview with Joe Baker of Medicare Rights Center

Here is a link to an interview by Fox Business of Joe Baker of the Medicare Rights Center, a non-profit counseling and advocacy organization in New York.

I think he may be understating the impact of the cuts to Medicare Advantage somewhat.  He talks about the reduction from 110% to 113% of original Medicare costs being lowered to 100% in the next few years.  Current estimates for Medicare Advantage reimbursements are estimated at 107% in 2012, so there is still a bit of cutting left to do.  While it is true that these cuts don’t impact those on original Medicare, they will impact Medicare beneficiaries who currently have (or will in the future have) Medicare Advantage plans.

It’s quite true, however, that Medicare Advantage has not seen a reduction in it’s overall membership.  Frankly, this has been a bit surprising to me and could be explained by the fact that Medicare beneficiaries are satisfied with the plans in spite of the fact that the extra benefits are not as rich as they once were.

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