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Ohio Department of Insurance Issues Ruling Prohibiting Unsolicited Contact for Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Sales

Here is a copy of the draft ruling.  While this document clearly states “DRAFT”, I’ve now seen this from several insurance companies as final rule making (here is one example).  Looking at section D2 on page 2, Ohio DOI now prohibits “any unsolicited contact with a medicare-eligible person” and goes on to give examples (email, telephone, door to door, etc.)  This appears to rather closely follow the CMS regulations with regard to unsolicited contact for Part D and Medicare advantage.  The prohibition appears to be specific to Medicare supplement and doesn’t appear to apply to other life and health products (long term care, life insurance and annuities).

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  • Anonymous

    This is ridiculous. The government makes Medicare so complicated that these seniors need an in hous tutor just to figure things out and then they prevent agents from being able to do that?! It’s funny how one of the few exemptions from the National DNC are for political campaign contributions. Talk about hipocricy. They can hit up a grandma for their campaign but they’re going to prevent people from actually providing a legimate service!

  • Mike

    Dear Ohio Department of Insurance,

    Good luck “policing” this. What a joke. I should sue them and CMS for trying to prohibit me from earning a living.

    Merry Christmas.

  • I wonder when an individual with enough resources will start fighting these freedom of speech restrictions. The laws would not hold up in court restricting free speech. Politicians should be held to the same standards as insurance agents. Even the worst insurance agent would do far less harm than most politicians.

    • Mike

      Excellent point Tony. Its like the government and insurance departments are doing everything in their power to prevent us from making a living. In their over zealous efforts to protect the consumer from unscrupulous behaviorof a tiny percentage of agents, they just punish consumers out there looking for sound advice from a qualified agent to sort out the complicated maze of Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplements and Part D plans. Its getting beyond ridiculous.

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