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In our continuing effort to keep you up to date on news that’s important to you, we’re introducing our “Agent Use Only” forums.  Often times, I am not able to publish specific details on a particular topic (such as Medicare Advantage/Part D information or insurance company rates) due to the fact that this blog is “public” and can be viewed by Medicare beneficiaries.

Since the forums require authentication (you must be signed into http://www.ritterim.com to view them), I am able to publish much more specific information.  Better yet, you can “Subscribe” to particular forum you are interested in “following” (such as Florida Insurance News, Texas Insurance News, etc.) and you will receive an email notification when we’ve updated the boards you are interested in!  You can also comment on the Articles we publish.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be adding to these Forums, so check back frequently and be sure to “SUBSCRIBE” (upper right section of the forum) to the ones you are interested in following to stay up to date!

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Due to the sluggish economy, the annual report on Medicare’s financial position shows that the trust fund will be exhausted five years sooner than was thought one year ago.

Here is the article from the New York Times.

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