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Final 2010 New Agent Training Video Posted for Viewing

Yesterday, I completed our final new agent training (Click here to view) which goes over the web services which are available at www.ritterim.com, including:

  • Using our new CRM system
    • Entering new leads/prospects
    • Quoting Medicare Supplement and Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans
    • Estimating Annual Estimated Drug Costs for Part D
    • Adding Notes and Attachments
    • Adding Tasks for Follow up
  • Pre-Filled Licensing/Appointment paperwork.
  • Accessing Applications, outlines of coverage, rates and other forms.
  • Finding Company information like how to certify, how to submit business, how to order supplies, ect.
  • Tracking your Company appointments (status, agent numbers, etc.)
  • Updating your Profile Information
  • Using the Events calendar for Training Events
  • Following the Blog to stay up to date on Industry events.

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