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Additional Updates to AHIP Medicare Certification Training

AHIP updated some of the slides for their certification.  If you’ve already completed AHIP, you should be getting (or have already received) an email from them.  You will need to click on the links to review the changes to the training information.  Here is the content of the email:

Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) clarified guidance for Medicare Advantage (MA), Cost plan, and Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) enrollment and marketing activities. You have registered for AHIP’s course, “Marketing Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug Plans: Understanding Medicare Basics, Plan Options, and Marketing and Enrollment Requirements.” You will need to comply with the revised rules.  We have updated Part 4, slide 33 and Part 5, slide 7 to include the following key changes that affect marketing representative compliance.

Part 4: Promotional Activities: Referral Programs

  • A marketing representative may request referrals only from current members of an MA or Part D plan and requests may not be made during an individual marketing appointment.

–        You may request names and addresses, but not phone numbers.  Information can be used only for mail solicitation.

Part 5: Enrollment via telephone:

  • Plans may accept incoming calls only from a beneficiary or authorized representative to complete an enrollment request.  A plan representative, agent or broker must not be present.

Please note, these changes are in addition to the extensive changes we brought to your attention in a previous e-mail dated August 19.  CMS and plan sponsors will be overseeing marketing activities to ensure compliance with this and all other new requirements.

To ensure that plans can fulfill their obligation to appropriately train marketing agents, we will track whether you have clicked on the Part 4 and Part 5 weblinks and reviewed the revised slides that contain more complete information on these topics.

If you have not yet taken the exam for the course, you will be expected to know this information when you take the test.  We encourage you to review all slides thoroughly to ensure your readiness for the exam.

If you have any questions, please contact support@ahipinsuranceeducation.org

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