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Preview of New Lead Management System

The software developers at Ritter Insurance Marketing have been working on an update to the Lead Management System at RitterIM.com.  With recent changes to the Medicare program, including the elimination of the Open Enrollment Period (OEP) in 2011, we began developing new ways for agents to manage their clients, leads and prospects to maximize their sales during the 6 week Annual Enrollment Period.

A cornerstone of our online Management System will be our new Lead Management System.  This system will work as the back end for lead management for agents in the Medicareful.com program.  In addition, this system will enable agents to manage their current clients Medicare Options as well as their Leads and Prospects.

In the new management system, you can manage client/lead/prospect data, add timestamped notes, set up a task list, attach a document to a client record, upload new records using a .csv file and mark leads as hot.  We have a number of other features to add to the Lead Management System before we release the final version in October, however, we wanted to give a preview of the amazing progress we’ve made thus far!

Here is a video demonstration of the Lead Management System as it is currently functioning:

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