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Positive signs for an agents role in Health Care Reform

Some of the first signs of momentum regarding agent involvement in the State and Federal Health Exchanges are discussed in the following articles.

The NAIC Loves Agents & Agents Want Piece of Pie

The second most asked question asked of me, by agents, is “Do you see a role for us when the exchanges go into affect?” (the first is “What do I think commissions will be reduced to in the Individual market?”).  Logically, I see a role for agents due to how confused consumers are now. I think that role becomes even more important once consumers try to understand the complex new legislation, which will include coverage requirements, tax credits and state exchanges.  Unfortunately, logic doesn’t necessarily apply with our elected officials, so stay tuned.

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  • Agents will definately have a huge role in health reform.

  • After enrolling my client in his Medicare health plan, I was asked to see about his 22 year old daughter. She had a pre-condition and received a reject from the carrier I had submitted her to. Therefore, to further service my client, I introduced him to the Exchange and with my research, I sent him all the correct applications, data and instructions for him to start the process of enrolling his daughter into the Exchange. He was very grateful for the Exchange resource, and appreciative of my help. It was not that difficult for him to do himself, but there’s a lot of reading and “perhaps” prospects are hesitant to want to do that. This is “service” is an addendum to what we do, and our time should certainly be paid by the carrier (Aetna)or government who services the Exchange – especially, since we are also referring prospects to the Exchange.

  • Nick Nichols

    Yesterday morning I received a phone call from the PA Insurance Commissioners office demanding to know “who put me up to writing the Commissioner about agents being cut out of the exchange.” Last week I responded to a request to send Joel Ario an e-mail/fax setting forth how agents felt about the exchange. The caller explained that the Commissioners position was that agents would not be paid a commission when participating in the exchange because it was “too self-serving.” I agree with Craig that there already is a great deal of confusion on the part of the public which will only get worse.

  • Chumps

    I hope you’re right!

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