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Educational Video for Medicareful.com

If you have a few minutes, please check of the educational video I put together for Medicareful.com.  Please add any comments below!

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  • Very impressive and user friendly

  • George Violand

    Well done! All that information and the transparency of that same information to consumers is what makes Medicareful so unique.

    Why would any busy person go anywhere else.

    I am excited to learn more on how to create my own link to Medicareful so that I am not limited to my particular zip code.

    Why not put your Medicareful address on your business cards and any personal handouts to increase your own credibility and professionalism?

    Thank you for this new tool that is heading in the right direction with all the changes to healthcare and specifically Medicare!

  • Very classy, how do I upload my picture? Please advise.

  • Very well done!
    I look forward to the roll out

  • Jerry Harrison

    You are automatically enrolled in part B only if you are collecting social security.

  • Tom Freker


    I wish I was back there.

  • dave s

    Great job !!!!!!!

  • Duncan Blankinship

    Very well done!

    Only one comment- Under Part D why wasn ‘t $310
    used as the deductible amount ?

    • Thanks for catching that. I’ll see if I can re edit that slide!

  • charles white

    Looks very good – hope the consumers will use. Thanks for your extra help in making us successful!

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