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Go Green! Family Life’s Online Medicare Supplement Application Webinar on June 10th at 2pm

Going Green means making more Green with Family Life’s Online application.  Join us on June 10th at 2pm Eastern Time for a webinar hosted by Craig Ritter with our Special Guest, Deborah Tatro, VP, Family Life.

Click here to register for this event. (You must be logged into Ritterim.com to register!)  This is for all states where Family Life has a product.  See availability.

To request product and contracting information, please click here!

Debbie will explain the system and how you can complete the ENTIRE application process with your clients over the phone.  Better yet, the whole process can be completed by you and your client doesn’t even need to own a computer!!

If you are mailing applications hoping they will be returned or driving to your client’s home to take an application, you will be amazed at how easy this process can be!

Family Life’s Online Application will help you earn more sales, more commissions, faster processing, faster commission payment, fewer errors, less paper and less gas you have to burn!

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