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Health Care Reform impacts “Health Made Simple” Product

Health Made Simple, an Under Age 65 Individual Health Product from New Era Life Insurance Company, is no longer accepting new business after June 15th, 2010.  The annual or lifetime limits, dependents to age 26, acceptance of children with pre-existing conditions and the Medical Loss Ratio seem to be the key mandates that are influencing the organization’s decision to no longer accept new business.  This will not affect current members of the plan, as they will be in grandfather status.  We expect New Era Life Insurance Company to administer the grandfathered plans with the same strong service commitment they have given their members since 1924.   A representative of the company has stated a new offering is in the works and will be released before the end of 2010.   Please contact Don Mazza or April Lippert, our under age 65 Health Division team, with further questions.

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