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AHIP to Launch 2011 Medicare Advantage and Part D Certification Course on July 16th, 2010

This year, you can get an early jump on your certification process for 2011.  Considering that there is no OEP for 2011, we are recommending to our agents to get an early jump on the 2011 selling season.  As we get closer to launch, we will keep you updated!  Here is the announcement from AHIP.

Agents looking for Certification Requirements can visit our “Certification Page“!

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  • Mel

    Having difficulty getting my test scores. Same as last weekend.

    Review the course, take the exam, not there. Also, opening the files. Keeps on saying to turn off pop up blocker, which is already off?

  • tom

    is anybody having trouble with the grading of ahip medicare test?

  • Teresa Cole

    Does anyone know what carrier is offering the biggest AHIP discount upfront (not reimbursement)?

    • Teresa: There are a few companies offering for $99 or $100. Not aware of any cheaper than that! Maybe someone else can comment!

  • Sharon Strong

    I need to take the on line AHIP Medicare Training/Test. Can you direct me? Sharon

  • maryjoe phillips

    I was cut off today as i was taking my 2010 certification for the first time. I was told by AHIP help desk that I had all day today to finish my exam.

    THEN I was told that I can re-take the exam in a few days for 2011 BUT I can’t start selling until January of 2011!!!!

    Is this true???? If so how do they expect NEW agents who just started working for an insurance company to make any money between now and january.

    Please clarify this for me! This doesn’t make sense at all!!

    Maryjoe Phillips

    • Mel

      Jan. 2011 is 7 months ago.

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