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New Rate Availability on Medicare Quote Engine for Modernized Plans

We’ve recently added a number of new companies/states with Modernized Medicare Supplement plans.  We now have 110 sets of modernized Medicare Supplement rates which are available for June 1st, 2010 effective dates.

Medicare Quote Engine is a free service of Ritter Insurance Marketing available to licensed insurance agents who are registered users of our website.

We are still expecting a large number of additional rates to be coming on line in the next month.  By comparison, we had 340 sets of rates loaded for “pre-modernized” Medigap plans.

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  • Craig- As you are a fountain of information, I’m hoping you can answer my question on Plan N.

    The first information I saw on Plan N said the $20 co-pay will apply to “doctor visits”. Now, in all the marketing materials the term “office visits” is used. But what is an office visit? Is going to the chiropractor an office visit – and therefore the $20 co-pay would apply? Is going for chemo treatment an office visit requiring a $20 co-pay?

    It just seems to me that “office visit” is a rather broad term and I am not sure what to say to clients about when they will have co-pays. I’m surprised there hasn’t been language clarifying this.

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