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www.MedicareChoices.org is the website for the Coalition for Medicare Choices which is a project of AHIP.  Here are a few of the ads they are running on Medicare Advantage:


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The Detroit Free Press had two nice articles in it’s Sunday paper which also appeared in their blog. 

The first is a Q and A with Jennifer Houghton of the Area Agency on Aging (1-B in Michigan).  Jennifer discusses the changes in Michigan with less and less Medicare Beneficiaries having access to Retiree Group Insurance and the changes in the Medicare Advantage and Part D plans for 2010.  Here is the article (it’s 3 pages long).

The second article includes some links to databases with information on plans available in Michigan.  Here is a link to that article.

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Aetna had a relationship with Sarasota Memorial Hospital on the Commercial side, but this agreement expands the long-term contract to include Aetna’s Medicare Advantage members.  The Agreement will take effect on November 1st, 2009.

Here is the story from Yahoo’s Business Wire.

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I noticed this article from The Oregonian regarding changes to for the 250,000 Oregon Medicare Advantage members who are getting their Annual Notice of Change letters regarding their Medicare Advantage Plans.  There are a relatively small number (16,000) who are seeing their plans terminated.  Some are taking relatively large increases (24,000 are seeing their premiums increase from $121 to $176/month) according to the article.  A smaller group (only about 1,000) are seeing a premium increase of more than double (from $90/month to $220/month).

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