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Pennsylvania: Grow Your Business With Aetna Medicare Products

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  • 2010 is becoming an interesting year for MA. Aetna Medicare Advantage plans look very attractive against the competition in the Philadelphia 5 county market for 2010. I look forward to watching the future of this market unfold in 2010 and beyond. Hopefully it will not be like watching a train wreck.

  • Now we know that not only Keystone but Aetna Medicare is moving away from the Dual Advantage product/market. (at least in Philadelphia)This has not been a good market for agents and apparently not so good for providers either.

    Now if someone can point out the benefit of the Premier plan vs. the Standard plan in PHL I would appreciate the input. I don’t see any cost/benefit substance in the added premium. Is the goal to move everyone off premier to standard?

  • Dave Billingsley

    I though Aetna was doing away with broker initiated sales. I had an email from them about a month ago that stated no commission was going to be paid on any business with an effective date of 8/1/2009. Love the product, but acn’t afford to sell it without compensation. Please clarify. Thanks.

    • Dave:

      Aetna will not be paying commission on PFFS sales, however, they are continuing to pay commissions for Part D, HMO and PPO business. I’ll be on a call on Friday and hope to find out what Aetna is doing in 2010 regarding any service area reductions for PFFS and general strategy for 2010 for HMO/PPO/Part D. I think they will be releasing their 2010 plans for brokers on or around August 31st.


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