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Side by Side Comparison of HR 3200 and the Senate HELP Committee Version of Health Care Reform

Here is a link to a side by side comparison of the Senate HELP committee and the House of Representatives version of Health Care Refore bills. 

Senator Max Baucus is Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee which is working on it’s own version of Health Care Reform.

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  • Sandy

    The employer health care initially started up when government controlled pay for employees. In order for employers to gain and keep key employees, since they were only allowed to pay them so much, they offered them benefits to retain good workers.

  • David

    If this were such a good idea, it would work without an Individual Mandate in the form of a threat of more taxation. Paying into the health insurance system will now become a state mandated lottery.

    For this reason alone, one should distrust this plan.

  • G. Avery


    Healthcare needs to be for everyone, AND taken off the backs of employers. That’s why all the jobs in this country are being shipped overseas. Employer based healthcare is the REAL problem in this country. We need to level the playing field. Only the United States burdens its employers with the cost of healthcare. Talk about cost shifting! Wonder how that quagmire ever got its start? The time has finally come to end it. Just because it’s lasted so long doesn’t mean it’s right.

  • Tammy Shewell

    So far the House Bill seems to be the most planned out and thought out, but they both still need work. And no mention of how the insurance companies fit in.

    All of this and there are still so many uninsured.

    Thought the whole point was to cover everyone.

    If the entire industry, employers and individuals are to be shaken up and changed, they need to cover everyone if they are going to cause this much upheaval.

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