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The 2009 Maryland (MD) rate increase has been approved for the Lincoln Heritage Medicare Supplement plans

The effective date for the new rates is August 1, 2009. To access the rates for Lincoln Heritage, visit our Resource Center, and select Lincoln Heritage as the company and rates as the resource

17 Jun 09
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Website for Health Care Reform Opposes Single Payer

I found this website from the Heritage Foundation which is a Conservative Think Tank which opposes Single Payor and the creation of a “Public Option” for Health Insurance. http://www.fixhealthcarepolicy.com/

17 Jun 09
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Medpac Publishes June 2009 Report to Congress entitled, “Improving Incentives in the Medicare Program”

Medpac advises Congress on the Medicare program.  They wield a great deal of influence, so I alway take a close look at what they have to say as they can influence Legislation.  Here is their Press Release. On the press release, pay special attention to the paragraphs on the second page which talk…

17 Jun 09
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Genworth to Repay Long Term Debt Obligations

This is from the Insurance and Financial Advisor.  There was concern earlier in the year that Genworth would have liquidity problems at the holding company level which caused their stock to drop under $1.  Since then, their stock has increased to over $6.  The repayment should ease holding company liquidity concerns.

17 Jun 09
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Reports that CMS Files on Initial Broker Commissions for Medicare Advantage Plans Do Not Contain Those Medicare Beneficiaries Who Previously had Original Medicare and a Stand Alone Part D Plan (PDP)

July 2nd, 2009 UPDATE:  Final Guidance is IN!!! 6/17/2009 EDITOR’S NOTE:  PLEASE SEE NEW INFORMATION AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST BEGINNING WITH:  “NEW SECTION ADDED 6/17/2009 STARTS HERE!!” I’m getting numerous reports and feedback on this issue that the Initial Commissions report which CMS has been putting out to Health Plans do not…

16 Jun 09
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President Obama Proposes $313 Billion in Additional Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Other Programs to Pay for Healthcare Reforms

These cuts would be in addition to the cuts proposed in the Medicare Advantage market (and proposed tax increases) which combined totalled $600 Billion over 10 years.  Here is a breakdown of the proposed cuts over the next 10 years:

  • $110 Billion from reducing scheduled increases in Medicare Payments.  I’m presuming here he’s talking…
    14 Jun 09
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Doctors’ Group Opposes Public Insurance Plan

As the health care debate heats up, the American Medical Association is letting Congress know that it will oppose creation of a government-sponsored insurance plan. Click to link to the article.

12 Jun 09
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Code Blue: Contact your Congressmen About the Creation of Navigators in the American Health Choices Act

  Take Action!     Dear NAHU members,
As you know, last night Senator Kennedy released his health reform legislation, the American Health Choices Act. NAHU has reviewed the 615-page bill and is in the process of finalizing our extensive analysis. A list of our most…

Assured Life’s New Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Product Now Available in Virginia (VA)

Effective TODAY, you may begin selling Assured Life’s low-priced Medicare Supplement Plans A,B,C,D,F and G in Virginia (VA). If you are a licensed agent and would like to learn more about Assured Life and review the proposed rates, commissions and licensing information, please call our office at 800-769-1847 (extension 4 for Marketing) or

Senior Market Expo 2009

I’m seriously thinking about attending or possibly getting a booth at the 2009 Senior Market Expo. I went a few years back and was pretty impressed.  Most of the content seems to revolve around annuities (Long Term Care to a lessor extent).  I tend to be more focused on the Medicare market, but it’s still…

11 Jun 09
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