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Information on State Specific Laws Concerning Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Underwriting for those on Medicare Due to Disability (Under Age 65)

I’ve also been working on a webpage which will provide “State Specific” guidelines for agents who are asked about Medigap insurance for those who are on Medicare under the age of 65.  In many cases (I think Illinois is the notable exception), the insurance company will pay little to no commission to the agent, however, some states have regulations which require the Insurance Companies to accept people under 65 in certain cases.

Keep in mind, I’m talking about Medigap here, not Medicare Advantage.  Medicare Advantage treats those on Medicare due to disability the same as those over 65.  Not so with Medigap as the Federal Government provides no protections and leaves it up to the states to regulate this, if they wish.

There is an unbelievable diversity of experience on this blog, so if you are knowledgeable about your State’s guidelines, please double-check my list for me to ensure I have the correct information.  I’ve compiled this list from a number of different sources and I have a few states which I don’t know about.  If you have comments or Corrections, please leave comments below!  I’m hoping this could become a good resource for everybody!

Here is the direct link:  State by State Underwriting Rules for Medicare Supplement for those Under 65 on Disability.  To find the link from www.ritterim.com, mouse over Carrier Info, click on Med Supp and click on Learn about Medicare Supplement.  I’m trying to build an encylopedia of information on Medicare and Medigap here, but it’s mostly just a hobby for now!  As I have time I’ll add to it.  To get to the info on under age 65, you need to page down near the bottom.

Note:  There are 3 columns here.  Column 1 is for “underwritten requirements” (outside of Open Enrollment or Guaranteed Issue), Column 2 is for Open Enrollment (within 6 mos of Part B effective date) and Column 3 is for Guarantee Issue (example, losing coverage due to MA Plan dropping member, moving outside of MA plan’s service area, losing employer group coverage, etc.)

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