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Only 5 Days left in Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period

Couple quick things on the close of Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period!

1.  Enrollment forms must be received, signed and dated by 3/31/09.  When the clock strikes midnight, OEP 2009 turns into a pumpkin. 

2.  Sign and date apps IMMEDIATELY when you receive them (if coming through the mail).  Personally, I wouldn’t trust the USPS at the point.

3.  Remember the 48 hour rule.  That means the app must be received by the company NO LATER THAN April 2nd, 2009.  This is crucial.  Most carriers allow you to fax in apps, so don’t push the deadline.

4.  For apps we process, REMEMBER, we must get the app to the company by 4/2/09, so don’t hold your apps.  We do electronic uploads around 5pm Eastern time, so those on the West Coast, don’t wait to fax them to us until late your time on 4/2. . .PLEASE!!  We’ll VPN into our work computers at home to be safe, but no guarantees here.

5.  Be extra careful in the completion of these last minute apps!  Errors will delay enrollment. 

Finally, if you want a “head’s up” on when you can take enrollments during “Lock in”, view my recorded webex, or see my page on types of enrollments.

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