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This is an article from the December 2008 edition of Advisor Today.  Here is a link to the December Digital edition, but you need a NAIFA number to access it:  http://www.advisortoday.com/digimag/

I found another article on the Advisor Today website (open access) http://www.advisortoday.com/200809/masternetwork.html  See week 13.

If you’d like to see my profile on Linkedin.com, click here.  If you join, feel free to link with me!

Networking is a big part of sales, so I’d encourage you to take a look at Linkedin.com! 

Here is a reference book about “Linked In”

Here is a blog post from Guy Kawaski on how to use Linked In.  I like the idea of adding it to your e-mail signature (it’s a soft way of “bragging” on yourself).  Also, this will help people find you on the web.  Example:  Google your first and last name (in quotes) and city and/or state and/or the word “insurance”.  Join Linkedin and try it again!

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AMRC is Aetna’s broker portal for ordering supplies, viewing licensing and appointment data, checking status on Medicare applications, viewing a roster of Medicare numbers with Aetna and getting access to news, alterts and other information.

To view the tutorial or reference guide, visit our “Aetna Websites” page.

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Correction to 12/5/08 Commissions.

The 12/5 commissions are being reprocessed and have been mailed on 12/11.  These should have been updated online on 12/10.  Please disregard the 12/5 paper and online statements.

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I was searching for an SPAP in Kentucky and I came across this website from Kaiser Family Foundation.  Thought I’d share it with you. 

You can click on a state, then click on Medicare, then click on Medicare Drug Benefit (on the left) and it will list the info about any SPAP’s in that state.  Has a bunch of other stuff too which might be useful?!?  Enjoy!

Here is the link:  http://www.statehealthfacts.kff.org/profile.jsp

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Here is the message from Today’s Options.  You can see our Calendar of Events for the Scheduled.:

During the hectic holiday season, any time spent with consumers is truly precious. For this reason, we’ve decided to conduct our Ask Today’s Options conference calls on a limited schedule for the month of December. This reduced schedule will allow you to spend more time with your busy clients.

Please note that our December 15 and 29 conference calls have been canceled.

Our next Ask Today’s Options conference call will be held on Monday, December 22, at 11 a.m. ET.

Until we speak again, please feel free to e-mail your questions to us at asktodaysoptions@UniversalAmerican.com . We will reply promptly.

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