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Revisions to Ritterim.com Website

We instituted a couple of changes, so please bear with us as the website might be a little more difficult to navigate for a week or two, but trust me that we have a plan in place to make navigation much easier.  I’ve always favored substance over style, but many of the website features are not easy to navigate.  That will be changing to a point where we have BOTH substance and much easier navigation.

Major change to reference here is that I’m requiring authentication now to use our “resource center“.  Primary reason here has to do with Companies asking me to take down content and also that I’m required to password protect individual files if they contain information which is intended for “Agent Use Only”.  This was in order to stay compliant with CMS’ marketing regs on publishing product info.

So, when you go to our Website you will need to log in to access “Resource Center”.  Resouce Center is our wearhouse for documents and forms (applications, rate sheets, agent guides, brochures, CMS approved materials, outlines of coverage, product availability charts, etc.)  Try to be as specific as possible when looking up forms, I have a bit of work to do in improving the indexing of the forms.

We also re-arrainged the buttons in agent gateway (when you log in) to include two sections:  My Information and Agent Tools.  My Information allows you to change your contact information in our system (address, e-mail, phone, fax, cell, etc.), update your shipping address (for UPS supply orders which require a physical address) and view your company appointment information and your downline (commission levels, agent numbers, MA certification dates, advancing, resident and non-resident appointments, carrier website ID’s and passwords and more).   Whew, deep breath!

Agent Tools includes our Quote Engine (if you have tried this, you must check it out!), Agent Service requests (which directly feed to our support team), Lead Trackingpre-filled licensing paperwork. and, of course, our Resource Center described above.

Our next goal is to integrate these tools with our  Webex Training Center, Blog and Wiki to allow you to navigate from one resource to the next much easier.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the services available through our website, please give us a call and ask for a website tour!  Most IMO’s offer none of these services, some offer a few, but I haven’t found any who can offer all the services we’ve put together in one place. . .and there’s much more in the pipeline!!!


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  • Craig – It shows in what you do that you care. If a few company heads (okay, H, UHC 🙂 LOL) would do the same, it would be a win-win. Companies need agent representation that know the local providers, local issues and concerns, and that speak English and live in the Medicare Beneficiaries area. Agents need companies with good products and services and good training and each should support each other. Agents should work in their local areas as it is more important that they do a better job as they are in the same community with their clients. This is a much faster way for the food chain supporting itself. When anyone on survivor island thinks they can live without the other (as far as job function), they soon find out that it’s best to realize the importance of each part of the community. I think in the end, the Medicare Beneficiary will voice and/or it will be heard that local representation and good products will win out. If not, I am fully trained for many careers in all that I handle for this segment of the marketplace.

  • Since companies (okay, Humana) cares little about agents and CMS even less so, thank you for doing so much to help us.


  • To All:

    I neglected one thing. . .it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway! Without the support and sales effort of the agents who work through Ritter Insurance Marketing, none of these things would be possible. You are supporting and funding the work we do to try to make your job easier and to put a wealth of information at your fingertips.

    Also, beyond our website, we have a staff of 17 who are working behind the scenes to process licensing paperwork, follow up on certifications and licensing, answer questions, fix problems, pay commissions, process new business and much more!! You fund our paychecks to support our families and we appreciate you!! I feel strongly in giving back where I can to help you do your job better where I can.

    Thank you! –Craig and staff

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